Pesticides (Legacy) Analytes

Exposure to legacy pesticides (persistent pesticides used in the past) can be measured by quantifying their metabolites in blood, plasma or serum, or in environmental samples, such as house dust or wristbands. For more details see Exposure to Pesticides.

Biospecimens: Volume requirement - Typically at least 1.0 mL of plasma or serum

Core analytes (subset of analytes that will be measured and reported by any targeted HHEAR Lab Hub that provides Pesticide (Legacy) analysis in blood, plasma or serum):

  • cis-Chlordane
  • trans-Chlordane
  • 4,4'-DDE
  • 2,4'-DDT
  • 4,4'-DDT
  • Hexachlorobenzene
  • alpha-Hexachlorocyclohexane
  • beta-Hexachlorocyclohexane
  • gamma-Hexachlorocyclohexane
  • Mirex
  • Oxychlordane
  • cis-Nonachlor
  • trans-Nonachlor

Environmental Samples: Volume requirement - one gram of dust

  • cis-Chlordane
  • trans-Chlordane
  • Chlorfenapyr
  • 2,4-Dibromophenol
  • Lindane

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