HHEAR Application Submission and Review Schedule

The application process for HHEAR services involves multiple steps. From the initial application submission to final decision, it takes about 7 months. Application submissions are considered on a rolling basis with approximately six review cycles per year.

Due to challenges in HHEAR operations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, HHEAR has delayed the internal review of Round 1 applications and the target deadlines for Round 2. The revised schedule is shown below.

To be considered for the Round 3 review process, your Initial Application must be received by August 28, 2020. If you miss an Initial Application deadline, your submission will be considered in the next Round.

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Activity Round 1 Dates Round 2 Dates Round 3 Dates
Initial Application submission deadline 2/28/2020 6/26/2020 8/28/2020
Initial assessment 3/3/2020 through 4/3/2020 6/29/2020 through 8/3/2020 8/31/2020 through 10/5/2020
Consultation and feasibility assessment calls 5/4/2020 through 5/22/2020 8/17/2020 through 10/2/2020 9/28/2020 through 12/4/2020
Final Application submission deadline 7/3/2020 10/16/2020 12/18/2020
Scientific Expert Panel review August 2020 December 2020 February 2021
Final decision October 2020 January 2021 April 2021