HHEAR Conflict of Interest Policy

This document describes the HHEAR program’s approach and process for identifying, reviewing, and managing conflicts of interest to help ensure the integrity of HHEAR endeavors. Through this policy, the HHEAR Program seeks to identify, disclose, and manage conflicts of interest to foster trust and transparency in the HHEAR review process and mission.

HHEAR Conflict of Interest Policy PDF

HHEAR Policies for Access to Services

This document provides an overview of the HHEAR application submission and review process, the post-approval process, and outlines HHEAR policies for eligibility, data submission and sharing, sample transfer, and changes to approved projects.

HHEAR Policies for Access to Services PDF

HHEAR Publication Policy

The HHEAR Policy on Publications ensures accurate reporting of the design, conduct, and analysis of studies, as well as proper acknowledgement of HHEAR support for reported studies. These guidelines address authorship and acknowledgement and apply to manuscripts and meeting abstracts, posters, and presentations that utilize HHEAR resources or funding.

HHEAR Publication Policy PDF