HHEAR Services Funded by Agency

If your parent study is/was funded by one of these agency programs, you may be eligible to receive HHEAR services.

  HHEAR services funded by agency programs.
Agency/Program Status of Parent Study Funding Lab Analyses Samples Data Analyses
NIEHS Extramural Program Current & Past Targeted & Untargeted Biological & Environmental Yes
NIEHS Superfund Research Program Current Targeted & Untargeted Environmental Yes
Untargeted Only Biological
NHLBI Extramural Program Current Targeted & Untargeted Biological only Yes
NCI Extramural Program Current with more than one year funding remaining at Initial Application submission Targeted only Biological only Yes
ECHO Program** Current ECHO-wide cohort OIF proposal Targeted & Untargeted Biological only No

**Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO): ECHO-wide and OIF supported projects are managed through the ECHO program and do not require an additional application for HHEAR services. ECHO cohorts may be eligible for cohort specific analyses through NIEHS, NHLBI, or NCI support through a HHEAR application. Email echocc-publications@dm.duke.edu for more information on the ECHO Publications Program. Email echocc-oif@duke.edu for more information on the ECHO OIF Program.