Research Highlights

  • CHEAR Methods Development
    New exposure and response measures as well as statistical methods developed and validated by the The Children’s Health Exposure Analysis Resource (CHEAR) Lab Hubs and Data Center to investigate the uses of a range of accessible biological samples for children’s health studies.
  • CHEAR Process and Procedures Development
    Selected examples of the work completed to develop and test CHEAR operational and quality control procedures for submission and review of proposals, and coordination and standardization of laboratory and data exposure analyses. CHEAR invited four investigators with ongoing studies of children’s health to submit a proposal to pilot test addition of chemical exposure analysis to their study design. The pilot proposals were submitted to the CHEAR proposal review process, and the post approval process for laboratory and data analyses. The results of these pilot tests are included in our research highlights. The process for harmonization of trace element measurements among CHEAR laboratory hubs is also highlighted.