National Exposure Assessment Laboratory Network

The National Exposure Assessment Laboratory Network (Lab Hubs) provides state-of-the-art services for analyzing human and environmental samples associated with environmental exposures. 

HHEAR Lab Hubs are grouped into three categories:

  • Targeted Analysis of Biological Samples
    Provide a comprehensive suite of targeted, or hypothesis-driven, analytical services for biological samples.
  • Untargeted Analysis of Biological Samples
    Assess the exposome in biological samples using untargeted, or discovery-driven, approaches.
  • Environmental Sample Analysis
    Use both targeted and non-targeted methods to analyze environmental samples.

The Laboratory Network comprises principal investigators and laboratory core directors with expertise in exposure science and environmental epidemiology.

  • Duke HHEAR Environmental Analysis Laboratory
  • Minnesota HHEAR Targeted Analysis Laboratory
  • Mount Sinai HHEAR Untargeted Lab Hub 
  • Mount Sinai HHEAR Targeted Lab Hub 
  • North Carolina HHEAR Untargeted Analysis Laboratory 
  • Wadsworth HHEAR Targeted Analysis Laboratory

Other HHEAR Components: