Chemical Characterization of Environmental Samples

Part 10 of the HHEAR Exposomics Webinar Series

Description: Environmental epidemiology and exposomics studies often rely upon measurements of blood and urine to evaluate exposures and health effects; however, analysis of environmental samples can provide complementary and unique information that cannot be gleaned from biomonitoring alone. In this webinar, Drs. Lee Ferguson and Heather Stapleton will discuss both targeted and nontargeted approaches used in analyzing environmental samples, including water, dust/soil, and personal measurements such as handwipes and wristbands, to address important questions about exposure sources and pathways.


Lee Ferguson, PhD - Speaker
Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University

Heather Stapleton, PhD - Speaker
Ronie-Richele Garcia-Johnson Distinguished Professor, Duke University

Michelle Heacock, PhD - Moderator
Health Scientist Administrator, Hazardous Substances Research Branch, NIEHS

May 24, 2023
3:00 PM EDT